Title I Parent Information

Pushed Pin.pngTitle I Annual Parent Meeting:
Estill Elementary  and Estill Middle School
Title I Parent Night.pdf

Pushed Pin.png Title I Annual Parent Meeting PowerPoint:
Annual Parent Meeting_PowerPoint_Title I 2017-2018 for 9.14.2017.pdf

How are 2017-2018 Title I Funds Used?(Subject to SCDE approval):
(see PowerPoint)

Pushed Pin.pngHCSD2 Parent and Family Engagement Involvement Policy:
HCSD2 Parent and Family Engagement Policy WEB COPY.pdf
   Notepad.png HCSD2 Parent Involvement Policy that shows area of change   HCSD2 Parent Involvement Policy with Revisions.pdf        

Pushed Pin.pngParents Right-to-Know:
         Parents Right to Know_WEB COPY.pdf
If you would like to receive any of this information, please make a written request to
Mrs. Conchita G. Bostick, Director of Administrative Services 
Post Office Box 1028
Estill, SC 29918

Pushed Pin.pngParent/Family School-Student Compact:
Estill Elementary School
(School_Parent_Family Compact_Julia B Lee_WEBCOPY.pdf)
(Spanish School_Parent_Family Compact_Julia B Lee_WEBCOPY.pdf)
Estill Middle School
(School_Parent_Family Compact_Shronda Taylor_WEBCOPY.pdf)
(Spanish School_Parent_Family Compact_Shronda Taylor_WEBCOPY.pdf)

Pushed Pin.pngChain of Command Letter
Organizational Chart, 101718.pdf
Procedure for Parent Comments, Suggestions, and/or Questions

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